In order to register and reserve the desired date for the Wedding to take place in a greek Church, the registry procedure is as follows:


When both the bride and groom are proceeding with their FIRST marriage and are: a) Christian-Orthodox, b) Greek citizens, c) over 18 years of age. 

1.- Certificate of Marital Status (single): Each one, in person, should present themselves at the Church of their Parish, where they have been residing for the last years (not their voting region), having: A)  The Baptism Certificate, B)  The Identification Card, C)  The Declaration form according to Law 1599, and D) Two witnesses with Greek Id. Cards, in order for the Priest in charge of the Parish, to issue the Certificate in which the “non-close relative” term, between them will be stated.  The Metropolis Church of Glyfada, will inform the regional limits where the Wedding may take place. If not residing within the geographical zone of our Holy Metropolis Church, you will have to legalize the Certificate at the Metropolis’ Office where your Church belongs. Certificates of Marital Status (single) from Orthodox Parishes from abroad, must be legalized by the Holy Synod. 

2.- The daily Newspaper: the whole page showing the published notification of the Wedding taking place. 

3.- A Prepaid Stamp:  15.00 euros value stamp (of green color, which costs 18.00 euros) bought from any Tax Office. 

4.- Birth Certificate: issued from your Municipality or from the Citizen-Service Centers (K.E.P.).

 5.- Personal Identification Cards: Original ones as well as photocopies. 

6.- Tax Registry Number as well as Social Security Registry Number, if available. 

7.- For the Bestman: photocopy of his Personal ID. Card and Baptism Documentary Evidence must be presented.



If a CIVIL MARRIAGE has taken place 

1.- The Documents referred to in the First Case will be submitted 

2.- In addition to, the Certificate stating the Civil Marriage as well.

 THIRD CASE When coming from a DIVORCE 1.- The Documents referred to in the First Case will be submitted 

2.-The original Divorce Document with the indication “REQUESTED FOR MARRIAGE 

3.-The Judicial Decision (a legalized photocopy), is needed concerning a Civil Marriage 

4.- In case of a third Marriage, documentary evidence of the divorce from the first marriage is needed. 

FOURTH CASE: When becoming married after WIDOWHOOD 

1.- Documents referred to in the First Case will be submitted 

2.- Death Certificate 

3.-Marriage Certificate with the deceased person, by the Holy Metropolis that issued the said Marriage License. 

FIFTH CASE: Heterodox Marriage (with a Christian non-Orthodox),  The Orthodox person will submit the documents referred to in the First Case 

1.- The Heterodox person (Catholic, Protestant, or other), will present Documentary Evidence of Baptism and Marital Status (single) Certificates, by the Church Authority of the concerning dogma, with clear reference of the said Diocese. If the Documentary Evidence of Baptism is presented to the respective Church of the Dogma, the Marital Status (single) Certificate may be acquired. It must be stated if it is a First or Second Marriage as well as the ‘’non-close relative’’ term (e.g., will proceed with a First Marriage with the person’s name having no close relation, and that the Wedding will take place at the Metropolis Church of Glyfada …/... 

2.- The foreigners, must present their Civil Marital Status (single) Certificate, from their country of origin, or from the Consular or other Authority from the Country mentioned in their passport, in which it should be mentioned if it is a first or second marriage whatsoever 

3.- A Declaration Form of Law 1599 (ex 105 Law), should also be presented concerning their children's baptisms, passport and a photocopy, coming from other E.C. Countries member or the U.S.A. or Australia or Switzerland, a photocopy of the Visa must also be submitted. 

  ATTENTION:   Every Certificate issued in foreign language, other than Greek, must only be translated by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greek Embassy or Greek Consulate. Both Documents must be presented, the original as well as the translation.

Photo credit  George Kossieris 

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